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It’s always nice to start a blog with some really juicy content. Luckily I recently put together a 40 minute talk on web hooks and put all the slides on SlideShare, which I can share here. The talk itself is mostly in the notes, but the slides play a big part. At some point I should have a video recording to put up here. Until then, enjoy my slides since I put a lot of work into them! I also wrote an introduction to the talk on my blog.


  1. Awesome slideshow (and really well annotated). I just came across WebHooks today when I was trying to work out best way of getting data out of ecommerce systems and into ours… Looks like WebHooks are the way to go. Thanks for the excellent start!

  2. Very good slide show! I have tried to explain it to a coworker and did not manage it right. Now I think I don’t have to do it anymore. Thanks a lot!

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  1. […] Posted in Uncategorized Today I went to Mashup Camp and gave a session on Web Hooks. It was mostly my standard talk with minor updates, but framed in the context of mashups. It seemed to go well, and I think I was even invited to talk about them at Google. John Musser from Programmable Web was there, but missed the talk. However, I did get to talk to him and he seems genuinely interested in it. He mentioned perhaps even including event hooks as part of the PW directory. Anyway, here are the slides I unshifted upon the deck I usually show. […]

  2. By Web Hooks shared at BarCamp Miami « Web Hooks on 25 Feb 2009 at 12:27 am

    […] at BarCamp Miami, software architect Ryan Teixeira gave a talk about web hooks loosely based on my Programmable World of Tomorrow talk. It would have been nice to see, but I guess the next best thing is to see the slides on […]

  3. […] flip through this presentation by Jeff Lindsay about web hooks. He’s a fucking NASA web astronaut and lives and breathes web […]

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