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I’m putting together a new version of my presentation on Web Hooks and I’d like to get feedback on my previous versions. I’m referring to the talks I have slides for on Slideshare. If you’ve seen any of them, at what point did it all click for you? What made most sense and what made the least sense? What was funniest? What did you think it could do without? I’m trying to see what I should elaborate on or just drop for my new deck.

Also, what do you think I skimped on? What do you want to hear more about? If you have any other kind of feedback, or even suggestions based on content on this blog, let me know in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Good:
    Listed numerous services and showed how they would play into the scheme.

    Presentation continued on in a “and one more thing” manner. When you have the sale, stop.

    Show more examples of how certain services would work together.

    Need some pointers to resources with reference implementations, formats etc.

  2. Excellent points! Thank Ryan. Btw, where was the sale point for you?

  3. “Sale point” is where reader say “yes, I agree” :)

    Thank you, Jeff, for useful ideas! I found many uses of WebHooks in my current projects.

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