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Just because I think web hooks will change the world doesn’t mean I have to take it seriously. I sort of default to a serious tone in my writing. Hopefully this graphic will lighten things up a bit. It was thrown together by a friend after I came up with the tag line he used in it.

I’ve heard several reports of people getting excited about web hooks from my talks or posts here, and then when they find out what’s actually going on they somehow feel cheated. “As if something that simple could do all that!” I don’t know. Perhaps that’s what happened with this guy. Anyway, I’m considering using it as the unofficial web hooks tag line.

Webhooks: So simple youll think its stupid


  1. Yar!

  2. Yar!

  3. Yarrrr!!!

    Jeff, are you based in SF or around? I’d love to meet you and discuss web hooks!

  4. Yar! I’m in Mountain View. I’m occasionally in SF.

  5. Nice indeed! FYI this blog seems to just infinitely redirect in circles without cookies :[

  6. So, what’s the official tag line, then?

  7. I don’t know. What should it be?

  8. Is it just me or does that look like a phallus with a hook in the top? Just sayin’.

  9. That hadn’t occurred to me …

  10. Brilliant. Can we use it (attributed of course) on webhook services we develop?

  11. The phrase or the image? Yes to both.

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