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I forgot to mention it on here, but yesterday I gave a talk at Pivotal Labs. It’s a whole new talk that tries to get a little bit more into technical implementation details. The slides are also arguably more stylish. Pivotal recorded the talk, so video will be up soon, too. Until then, here are the slides.

And feel free to use these slides or bits from the deck for your own webhooks talk! You can download the original Keynote presentation here.


  1. I looked at the slides. Awesome stuff!
    I really liked the ‘future’ section

  2. We’ll post video of the talk on as soon as we get it produced. (It usually takes about a week from the talk, though it may take a bit longer as we’re also working on video from all the Golden Gate Ruby Conference talks.)

    Thanks for coming to speak!

  3. Jeff, very nice presentation. Making things clearer. Also, thanks mate for the reference. It is much appreciated.

  4. As promised when we met, here is a small implementation of XMPP2WebHooks :

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  1. […] think Jeff has pretty much got the pitch down: if you haven’t checked out his latest webhooks slidedeck, it’s slick. My two word definition is that webhooks are simply url callbacks. I think of […]

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