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So much has been going on in the world of webhooks that it’s hard to keep up. From PubSubHubbub developments, to new services supporting webhooks … to this plugin for WordPress called HookPress. HookPress opens the WordPress plugin API over webhooks! It was developed by my new buddy Mitcho. He made an excellent screencast to demonstrate the power of HookPress, and the power of the emerging webhooks ecosystem. Check it out:


  1. W00t! I think this is what I needed to turn WordPress into my small Lifestreaming services. Here is how I’d do it : add a hook to my wordpress blog, subscribe to all my feeds from Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, …etc into Superfeedr with this hook. Publish upon new notifications! Can’t wait to do that!

  2. hooktastic!

  3. Thanks for the link Jeff!

    I’ll be giving a talk on WordPress plugin development, covering HookPress basics as well, at the upcoming Boston WordPress meetup. I hope to use HookPress to make it a good session for non-PHP developers as well.

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